10 Essential & Must Have Bike Accessories Every Biker Needs

A bike is the stallion and every Indian man’s favourite companion on road. Bikes are cool. When we ride a bike,  we are focused on the road and we don’t think of anything else. Bikes are cool- they show you laugh at fear and you are adventurous. With bikes, running through traffic is a breeze. Bikes also consume less fuel than a car, making it economic and convenient as well. While commuting with such a marvellous companion, we must have the right essentials while driving a bike for safety and comfort. This list features our top 10 essentials every bike owner should consider for a smooth riding experience and protecting themselves. Take a look :

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Some Precautions To Take While Ride Sharing A Car Or A Bike

Let’s face it, you surrender a little control to another person anytime you enter a cab, or a ridesharing bike booked through Uber or other services or even anything driven by someone else. Often that person is completely unknown to you, so it’s important to think carefully about your safety while travelling through ridesharing services.

Ride Sharing PrecautionsOn the other hand, many ridesharing drivers are good sources of information about current affairs, restaurants and hotels. Taxi drivers are often experts on safe and unsafe neighbourhoods and what threats may lurk at your hotel or destination.

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Bike Ride sharing & Why It Makes So Much Sense for India!

Bike Ridesharing – What is it?

People who commute daily are in constant lookout for convenient, faster, and affordable modes of transportation. This has led to the success of bike ridesharing as soon as they were launched in the on-demand transportation sector. Bike ridesharing is a cost-effective solution that use bikes and scooters to drop off people on request at their desired destination. It fairly reduces waiting time in heavy traffic, saving both the time and the money of the end-users.

Why Does Bike Ridesharing Make  Perfect Sense In India?

Bike taxi companies bring relief for daily commuters by offering cheap and comfortable rides. As urban cities continue to become denser, the time it takes to commute from one place to another in a car drastically takes a hit. Besides, a car has four empty seats and booking a car just for yourself is a waste of space, causes traffic congestion and is detrimental to the environment.

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Ride Sharing, All You Need To Know

What is Ride SharingRide sharing, otherwise known as Carpooling, means sharing your vehicle (four-wheeler) with other passengers who all are heading towards the same way. For example, if X owns a car and he feels like travelling with a few other riders who all are going in the same direction, he can do this using this option. Ridesharing is mainly popular among students and office goers to ride along with their colleagues and other professionals who are going to visit the same place. This eco-friendly ride actively helps to curb down the rate of traffic congestion. Those who hail from the metropolitan cities of India, they only know how much they rely on this service to get to their destination.

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