10 Essential & Must Have Bike Accessories Every Biker Needs

A bike is the stallion and every Indian man’s favourite companion on road. Bikes are cool. When we ride a bike,  we are focused on the road and we don’t think of anything else. Bikes are cool- they show you laugh at fear and you are adventurous. With bikes, running through traffic is a breeze. Bikes also consume less fuel than a car, making it economic and convenient as well. While commuting with such a marvellous companion, we must have the right essentials while driving a bike for safety and comfort. This list features our top 10 essentials every bike owner should consider for a smooth riding experience and protecting themselves. Take a look :

1.Helmet With Visor

This is the most important bike accessory. It’s so essential even the law has made it mandatory. The most common accidents and death occur due to bike accidents. The helmet is present to protect our heads in case of an accident or if the roads are dusty. Just a plain helmet won’t usually suffice though. A helmet should have engineered with a high-quality shell. The visor should also be sturdy and have an anti-scratch coating. Most importantly, the helmet should feel comfortable. If you’re looking for a good helmet matching all these qualities, check out this full-face Helmet from Steelbird.
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2.Elbow And Knee Guard

A pair of elbow and knee guards provide a greater degree of comfort and protection to knees and shins while driving a bike. They come with multiple vents in the body for maximum comfort and ventilation, eliminating moisture and heat to keep the rider cool. They are made from stainless steel and will certainly prevent the rider from breaking your hands or legs in case of an accident. A must-have for every bike enthusiast who travel for long hours.
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3.Bike Chain Lube And Chain Clean Combo

This accessory combo is essential to clean the chains of your bike. With the chain clean, get rid of all the dust and grease that hampers with the bike’s chain mechanism. After this step, you can move on to apply the chain lube. It also comes with a brush with ergonomic handle and bristles to clean in the hard-to-reach areas. It serves as a perfect combo to clean the chains and improve the performance of your motorbike. If you are looking for a product that is a one-stop solution for your bike chain cleaning needs, check out this bike chain clean combo from 3M.
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4.Face Mask for Bike

Face Mask aren’t there just to wear for covering your face. They provide breathability, absorbency, wicking, durability and Abrasion resistance while driving at high speeds. Every bike owner should own a face mask and wear them under their helmet if they care about protecting their sense organs on their face from pollution. If you want a recommended face mask, check out this face mask from GrandPitstop which is ergonomically designed with 4-way stretchable material.
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5.Motorcycle Gloves With Protection

A pair of motorcycle gloves ensures comfort and protection to the bike rider’s hands. It is made from protection rubber which is designed with anti-skidding and shock absorbing mechanism to prevent the palms and fingers from bruises. It also has knuckle protection to protect the palms during collisions or falls. The gloves are also repellent to oils to heat, tear, water and oil. Overall, this pair of motorcycle gloves will be a great companion during the rider’s long journeys. This Probiker Motorcycle gloves is our top recommendation.
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6.Smartphone Mount For Bike

Navigation is probably the single most useful driving related feature in smartphones, and it’s recommend getting a smartphone mount for this purpose. No one wants to risk an accident simply because the smartphone was placed in a spot that prevents you from looking at the road ahead. That’s why you need a mount for your phone. If you are looking for a compact yet secure bike mount for your mobile phone, this is what you should get. This Claw-Grip mount expands to fit a wide range of phones from 4.0 – 6.5-inch screen, while keeping all of your buttons and ports accessible.
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7.Biker Boots for Men

Not only does biker boots add class and versatility to any outfit with its vintage look, it serves as a comfortable and useful pair of boots giving a good grip to the bike rider when shifting gears. A biker boots should be an essential as it also protects our legs from engine heat and dirt on the roads, keeping our pants clean. Check out this biker boots from Royal Enfield which is built with the durable buff leather and toe shift patch, serving you with an advantage of both style and safety.
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8.Air Suspension Seat Add-on for Bikes

An air suspension add-on is specially designed for bikes to ensure no back-pain problems while the rider rides his bike for long hours! The add-on seat helps reduce jerks and vibrations to ensure a hassle-free riding experience. It also allows air passing underneath the seat to prevent sweating during long commutes. Overall, it serves as an essential accessory  for long-distance bike commuters and for pillion riders who go along for long rides.

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9.Biker Jacket for Men

Biker jackets offer the rider protection from both the elements and from injury in the event of a crash. Most come standard with padding in the highest impact areas, such as the shoulder and the elbows. In the event of a potential crash, this padding and protection will help to prevent burns and abrasions that are commonly experienced by riders who are not wearing this protective clothing. Also, many biker jackets offer some standard with reflective gear that can offer additional safety for riders at night. These features make it an essential for a bike owner. Check out this Venom All-Weather Bike Jacket which offer style and functionality.

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10. Motorcycle Cover

A Motorcycle cover for your bike ensure that your vehicle is protected well against external factors such as dust, rain and dirt. The elastic bottom ensures it fits well onto your bike and the water-resistant material protects it from the rains. The cover also features mirror pockets to cover your mirrors as well. Looking for a biker cover which is high-quality and will cover your vehicle? Check out this motorcycle cover from Solimo.

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