Ride Sharing, All You Need To Know

What is Ride SharingRide sharing, otherwise known as Carpooling, means sharing your vehicle (four-wheeler) with other passengers who all are heading towards the same way. For example, if X owns a car and he feels like travelling with a few other riders who all are going in the same direction, he can do this using this option. Ridesharing is mainly popular among students and office goers to ride along with their colleagues and other professionals who are going to visit the same place. This eco-friendly ride actively helps to curb down the rate of traffic congestion. Those who hail from the metropolitan cities of India, they only know how much they rely on this service to get to their destination.

How is Ridesharing growing in India?

Ridesharing apps have changed the way many of us think about transportation. My mom would have never thought about using her smartphone to request a stranger come pick her up at the airport using that stranger’s vehicle. For my mom, and many others in India, it’s no longer a thought to request a ride, but rather, a routine act.

As ridesharing services have seen steady growth, we’ve seen younger generations become more comfortable with the overall concept of sharing rides rather than driving solo. Getting my driver’s license was hard, but today’s teens appear to be less interested in getting their license and owning a car. If most of this younger generation opts to not own a car, we could potentially see the biggest shift in transportation in years.

Major Advantages Of Ridesharing

Traffic Congestion

Reduced traffic Congestion

How many times have we gone late to places due to heavy traffic? Traffic congestion is caused mainly due to the number of vehicles each one uses. People tend to buy more and more vehicles, without junking their older ones. In cities like Chennai, Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai, traffic congestion is a major cause of concern due to wastage of time and high carbon emission, which adds to more air pollution. Ridesharing through these carpooling apps aims to eliminate this. With ridesharing, the number of cars can be reduced, as people will get to ride together. The stress of going late or staying in traffic for long is also reduced with carpooling. Ridesharing also can reduce the usage of more buses on roads hence reducing the number of vehicles by a vast majority.

Save Money:

We always tend to find the best ways to travel on a budget anytime. Ridesharing also targets to help you with this by giving a way to save money. Travelling with co-passengers who are heading in the same route through carpooling reduces the cost dramatically compared to booking a separate cab for yourself. By using ridesharing, you can save nearly 50% of the travel cost compared to taking a solo ride. Gone are those days when someone must board a bus or a train to go to the office. Getting a bus and wasting time by stopping at every traffic signals are something a daily commuter could not avoid before the arrival of the ride-sharing era. Those who opt for the carpooling system daily, they can understand the amount of money they are saving while going to the office. Ridesharing apps also show how much you need to pay before starting the ride. This helps a lot in case you feel you are short on cash and need to know how much the ride costs.


Ridesharing is one of the safest ways to reach your destinations. The apps we use for ridesharing have a tracking option hence there need not be any worries about travelling. There is even an option for females to travel with other female co-passengers rather than with some men. In the app, everyone has the driver’s information so if anything, bad occurs they always have the choice to report the wrongdoer. Thus, ridesharing encourages women safety as well in a great way.

Save Parking Space:

If each one request a separate cab from the same area, parking the car and waiting for the passenger is going to be a big hassle, especially in streets. In turn, this will also lead to more traffic congestion and wastage of time. By ridesharing, not only do we solve this problem but also help others who actually need to park vehicles, do it with ease.

Knowing acquaintances:

Ridesharing helps us to socialize freely. We get to meet people who live in the same locality or travel to the same destination. We make new friends and we can also plan and travel with them together if you and the other person ride share often. Ridesharing also helps you reduce the stress of travelling solo and gives you time to do some work or make calls while travelling.

Driver Perks:

The passengers aren’t the only ones who benefit from Ridesharing but the drivers too! They can pick up customers on the way without any extra commute as well as they get additional incentives for each extra person they ride with and extra company while they are driving hence removing boredom out of the equation.

Disadvantages of Ride Sharing

Not everything is positive about Ridesharing. Let’s see some of the cons as well :

Frequent Stopping:

This is the major problem of ridesharing. The drivers who pick the passengers wait for only 2 minutes for each passenger so if it gets late, you may have to get another ride. Plus, if they do wait for someone, and you are heading in a hurry, that’ll cost you some loss of time as you’ll be waiting as well.

Irritating Co-Passengers:

Having company while commuting is awesome though not always. What if you’re a woman and a man is staring at you or talking like a creep? Such instances may be unavoidable for a while until you reach the destination.


Unless 2 or 3 passengers are taking the same route, drivers do not opt for ridesharing nor the request of yours for a carpool would be accepted. So, if you are travelling from a remote place, carpooling won’t be a reliable option.

Unfair Driver:

This does not point to all drivers but some of them can do unfair deeds. They may take 5 or 6 people in a 4-seater car which may get uncomfortable and congested for everyone. Sometimes, drivers tend to not respect passengers and ill-treat them. Some also don’t ride the car properly but rarely does improper driving lead to accidents.


When carpooling was introduced in Indian cities, it was expected that many commuters would register for carpool apps that help connect car drivers with those looking for rides. This concept would not only helps lessen the traffic, but it’s also a great way of saving fuel, ultimately going more environment friendly. With campaigns about the need to reduce traffic and pollution, overall, the popularity of the apps is expected to rise steadily. Currently, the ridesharing apps people use in India include apps like Ola Share, UberPool, Quickride, BlaBlaCar, Ryde by Ibibo, SRide, Carpool by Meru etc. To conclude , I expect ridesharing apps will continue to play a prominent role in the ways in which we travel for many years to come. However, my hope is that more people will become comfortable carpooling to reduce the number of cars on the road, while saving time and money.

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